Don’t know what you were getting yourself into
You should have known, secretly I think you knew

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From the In Your Prime EP. Pre-order coming soon.

Official Website:

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Kasabian cover Iggy Azalea’s Fancy

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This is just beautiful!


Jessie Ware just shared the music video to ‘Say You Love Me’, the latest single from her forthcoming album, Tough Love. In the simplistic video, Ware is seen wearing an elegant black dress whilst perched on a rock as she sings along to the track and birds circle around her. Watch above!

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I can do this, I can do this, I can do this.
People need to be encouraged. People need to be reminded of how wonderful they are. People need to be believed in—told that they are brave and smart and capable of accomplishing all the dreams they dream and more. Remind each other of this.

Stacey Jean Speer

Read this, remember this. 

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I’m blinded by this limelight
It’s all night
It’s all day
These bright lights
Once you turn em on, you can’t walk way

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